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Cousins! A random car crash on Monday morning at an Massachusetts based Apple store has sadly resulted in a total of 16 people being hospitalized and a single person confirmed as deceased!

The incident took place Monday morning around 10:45AM as a Black Toyota 4Runner is said to have crashed into the Derby Street shopping center located glass storefront , reports the Patriot Ledger.

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz says within a forwarded statement that the vehicle struck multiple people. He says that they are unsure of the exact speed the driver was going however, the vehicle was able to travel from the storefront through the back wall trapping multiple people inside at a time.

Reports read that 14 people were taken to South Shore Hospital, two were taken to Boston-area hospitals and a male has passed away.

“Right now, family members are being notified or in the process of being notified,” said Tim in a news conference. “This morning was an unthinkable morning, and people are trying to process what happened. … This investigation is active and ongoing, and we are very limited as to what we can say at this point.”

“The Apple store is a very busy place,” He explains. “It’s the Monday of a holiday week. I don’t know exactly how many people were in there. I’m sure we will find out. … We are going to go slow and steady with this, and get the information as we get it.”

Derby Street Shopping area located near 92-98 Derby St. in Hingham, is described as a variation of 64 stores and restaurants. The Apple store occupies 4,000-square-foot within the back area of the shopping center.

Cousins, please stick with us for further details as this story is still developing. We send infinite prayers to each victim and their families.

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