2 Year Old Baby Boy Found Deceased After His Father Suffers Fatal Heart Attack In Their Apartment; Child Is Said To Have Starved To Death!

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Cousins! New York officials have recently wrapped up the heartbreaking deaths of a father and son discovered lifeless in their apartment earlier this year!

According to the New York Post, David Conde Sr., 59 passed away in his Hamilton Street located home in Geneva due to natural causes connected to heart disease. It has been stated that he had died first and that his young two year old son David Conde Jr. died soon after due to malnourishment.

“It is believed Mr. Conde passed away first and the child was not able to obtain any nourishment after his father passed,” reads reports from Ontario deputies.

David’s family had contacted local officials on February. 15th to conduct a wellness check after they failed to hear from him in over a week. It has been stated that they were last seen alive sometime in January.

Arriving officers discovered them together within the bedroom area. They confirm that there were no signs of trauma to their bodies.

“Once we ruled out carbon monoxide [as the cause of death], we sadly knew this was a likely cause,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Cirencion to Finger Lakes Times. “This is a very, very sad case.”

Prior to their passing David Sr. had obtained custody of David Jr. shortly after his birth. It has been suggested that the baby’s mother was not involved in his life.

David Jr. had learned to walk shortly before his passing after undergoing a series of surgeries and medical procedures.

We send our deepest condolences to David SR. and David JR. loved ones.

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