22 Victims of Racially Motivated Mass Shootings

By greatbritton

The black and white archival images of the brutality African Americans endured in the 1900s often misleads some people into believing racist violence is a thing of the past.


White folks may not be hanging Black bodies from trees anymore, but instead, they are writing white supremacist manifestos and plotting domestic terrorist attacks to “cleanse” America of its Black population.

The nine people killed in a Charleston AME church in 2015, the ten people killed in the Buffalo supermarket in 2022 and the three people killed in the recent Jacksonville, Fla. shooting all died by the hands of white men who demonstrated the deep-rooted hatred of Black people is still alive and lethal.

The victims of all of these massacres were fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who had no idea they would leave home to run errands or fellowship to be executed because of the color of their skin.

None of these 22 Black people should have lost their lives to such hate. Never forget them:

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