5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Contracted Covid-19 Yet

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We have been battling Covid for a few years now and there are some people who have never been diagnosed with the disease. Are they an anomaly? A special kind of person? How are people dodging this disease?

Dr. Melissa Clarke is here with a few reasons why, and according to her, “The fact of the matter is that those who have remained COVID-free are a minority segment of the population. Only a portion of the population has remained Covid-free; the disease is everywhere.”

1. Masks

The first reason is masking. Dr. Melissa Clarke is confident that masking has been a significant help in preventing the spread of Covid believing that, “The healthiest people are those who have been devoted maskers throughout the pandemic. There are an overwhelming amount of masks to choose to wear, but the best are N95s, as they provide the most protection. The next highest level of protection is KN95 masks. Surgical masks provide much less protection, and cloth masks are very ineffective.

2. Social distancing

The second reason is that you might be good at physical distancing. Distancing allows circulation to happen, keeping the infected particles from crowding. Those who think they’ve evaded the virus this long may have been able to successfully physically distance themselves, which includes working from home, avoiding gathering indoors in crowded places, and staying isolated from household members while they were infected with COVID.

The next two reasons are still being researched.

3. Built up antibodies

You might have a lot of immune cells and antibodies built up in your system from prior common cold infections caused by other previous coronaviruses. These people have had some built-in protection to keep them from getting infected by SARS COVID 2 coronavirus.

4. Genetics

The fourth potential reason that is being researched is genetics. A minority of people’s bodies may not be vulnerable enough to the virus because of genetic variations that make it harder for the Coronavirus to bind to and get inside their cells.

5. You may have unknowingly had it

And lastly, the majority of people who think they have not gotten Covid likely had it but never realized it. According to Dr. Melissa Clarke, “40% of people who get infected will never develop symptoms, and many more had mild symptoms so never got tested for COVID, and hence never knew they had it.

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