8-Year-Old Boy Saves His Grandfather from Drowning in North Carolina Pool

By greatbritton

Christian and his grandfather were playing in an apartment complex pool when the older man went underwater to wet his hair according to news station.

“He swallowed too much of the water, and I just saw him laying there with his head down and arms like this, and I felt his heart, and it wasn’t doing anything,” Christian said.

Christian dragged his grandfather, who is more than twice his size out of the pool and performed CPR on him. The 8-year-old mother, Cerise Hammie, is shocked by the boy’s actions. The mother told reporters that she never taught the boy CPR.

“I have never taught him that. It has never even dawned on me to teach him that. It’s a shame, but it’s true. All of it goes to God. It had to have been God to step in and let this boy do what he did,” Hammie said.

Christian is looking forward to spending time again with his grandfather once he feels better.

“I want to hang out with him again, hug him and stuff, take him on a walk, but no pool anymore,” Christian said.

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