Akon Reveals That He Has Previously Had His Brother Stand In For Him As His Double For High Paying Shows He Couldn’t Make! – Noir Online Org

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Cousins! Don’t we all wish we had the answers on how to be at two places at one time? Well it appears that #Akon has a unique solution and has had it planned out for quite some time as he officially addresses rumors that he’s had his brother stand in for him as double before! 👀

Appearing in a recent interview for the ‘Morning Hustle’ radio show the serial entrepreneur and artist was asked about claims issued earlier this year about his brother Bu being used as his double. According to Complex the claims were originally forwarded by Tallahassee’s own T-Pain .

“Let me clear some things up so we all know,” he said Akon at the 20 minute mark of the video. “Bu was my double. He was my double. This was before internet. If you saw Abou in one place and you saw me, you couldn’t tell the difference.”

(🎥: The Morning Hustle )

He continued in explaining that Bu had initially started out as his hype man when he first began touring. However once Akon was forced to decline high paying gigs because he didn’t have the time he would have Bu do it. “I was like, ‘Man, all this money I’m leaving on the “We cannot leave all this money on the table.” Akon also revealed that he had sent his brother to perform at a Hot 97 radio show hosting previously. However they asked if Bu can sing, and he said, “No.”

Akon says that no one could ever tell the difference between them and that the only thing that separated them at eye level was the fact that Bu wore a hat during his performance and that Akon didn’t. “That was probably the funnest part of our lives.” He went on to share that his other brother Omar had did the same thing before but without his permission.

The folks of social media sure got a good ole laugh out of Akon’s statements, as did we. Checkout what they’ve said on Twitter:

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