Amber Rose Speaks Out On Folks Dismissing Mixed

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Cousins! Following this week’s exchange of words between Nicki Minaj and Latto on social media, Amber Rose has entered the group chat to speak on ageism and dismissing mixed people’s Blackness!

The self proclaimed unproblematic queen and feminist says, “…when you call a mixed person like a Karen, it’s really like just dismissing their blackness, and I feel like that happens often, and I don’t feel like that’s ok.” Amber also made it clear that she is not choosing sides and is only speaking up because she is a woman.

She says that when it comes down to women folks often put a stamp on what they’re capable of and don’t keep the same energy with men. “I also feel like as women like we call each other old at like a very young age as if we’re supposed to just stop our lives at a certain age and, like you know, just kind of give up on everything and not continue to do what we love which I also think is really f***ed up,” stated Amber in a series of Instagram videos.

She used successful males in music such as Diddy, Dr. Dre and more.

It’s very problematic that you know that society just expects us [women] to just kind of roll over and die,” says Amber “I think that’s whack.” Amber continued in saying that she wants everyone to just get along and be nice to one another.

“Let’s just continue to flourish and just really to support each other. And support Black businesses. And just like…let’s just be kind,” she stated. “I really want us to be kind and be positive.”

As we previously reported Nicki and Latto had a major blowout on social media surrounding the unreleased Grammy nominations. Nicki referred to a Latto as a Karen and Latto responded in saying Nicki was older than her mom.

Cousins, do you agree with Amber? Check out what social media users had to say on Twitter.

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