Angry Black Mother Goes Viral, Black TikTok Drags Daughter

By greatbritton

Mothers are far from perfect. From giving us life to raising us up to be decent human beings—most of us, anyway—mothers often make a lot of sacrifices in between. Painful sacrifices. Which is why many of them deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day and beyond.

Yet even if you feel otherwise, it’s probably never a good idea to use the internet to show your mother at her worst. But that’s exactly what a TikToker who goes by @rav.mcbride allegedly did.

A couple of days ago, @rav.mcbride allegedly shared a video of her mother yelling at her on the day of her graduation. The hurt in her mother’s eyes is painful to watch, but the video left many social media commentators wondering about the audacity of it all.

“No mam don’t do your mom like this,” wrote a TikToker who goes by @E.Foxy.

Another added, “Being a mother is sooo harddddd, I don’t know what happened but I HEAR that PAIN in her voice 🥺 😢 🥺 I’m a mother of 3.”

Other commentators seemed to side with the daughter, who can be heard being called Jamerah on the video.

“She sound like my momma. NO CONTACT 3YRS NOW ✨ ✨ ✨,” wrote a TikToker who goes by @Chaparis

The clip has been trending on TikTok under the tags “Toxic moms” and “mom yells at me on my graduation day.” And though we’ve all had some heated disagreements with our mothers, this generation’s need to put everything on TikTok is something else.

“Nah I need the ENTIRE story!! I’ll never judge a mother based off this right here. As a mom, I hear pain not disrespect,” wrote a TikToker who goes “Paris.”

Another commentator who goes bellabellabella simply added: “What did you do jamerah?”

And while we still don’t know the full context of the video, or whether the video is faked for social media. But, whew. If this is fake, this lady deserves an Oscar.

Social media sleuths wasted no time flooding the other videos on @rav.mcbride’s TikTok account with comments demanding to know what the story was behind the video and dragging her for posting the video then allegedly deleting it.

Posting a video that seemed to address all the negative blowback, @rav.mcbride kept her response short: “You’re in my comments while your back is getting bigger.”

Judging from another post, it looks like @rav.mcbride made it to her graduation just fine. But pictures with her mother were noticeably absent.

At any rate, we sure hope they managed to make up in time for Mother’s Day. Because like Whoopi Goldberg recently said while promoting her new memoir, “Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me,” it’s important to tell your loved ones that you love them while they are still here.

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