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Brazilian pop sensation Anitta has once again captivated audiences with the release of her latest music video, “Aceita,” featured in her recent album “Funk Generation.”

The visual masterpiece, which premiered today, provides a thorough immersion into the singer’s spirituality. Shot exclusively in black and white, it portrays Anitta in a rare light: wholly devoted to her faith and religious convictions.

“I really love this music video. Not only because it portrays a glimpse of my spirituality without filters, but because it shows that there is nothing wrong or hidden in what one believes. Brazilians are a people of various beliefs and roots,” reflects the Rio de Janeiro native, who also served as the creative director of the production.

The Afro-Brazilian religion, integral to the artist’s life, is translated into music in “Aceita.” Even in the lyrics, which narrate the experiences of a spiritual entity taking to the streets to celebrate its feats. “In the tradition of candomblé, I am a daughter of Logun Edé, who is a very complex orisha. Sensitive and hot-tempered, intelligent and cunning, supportive and pragmatic… This song translates these characteristics into my universe, into my story,” Anitta explains.

Anitta on set for her “ACEITA” music video | Photo credit: Ricardo Brunini

Most of the imagery was captured in the municipality of Magé, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, at a candomblé terreiro. In addition to portraying the rituals, sounds, symbols, and customs of her religion, Anitta also highlights imagery from Christian beliefs (such as Catholicism or evangelical Christianity) and Judaism, among others.

“Brazil is a country with multiple identities. Embracing it is to be tolerant, respectful, and kind. The album ‘Funk Generation’ has much to do with this Brazilian identity that inspired me to become an artist. And our religious diversity is part of it. However, religious prejudices are also very present in the country, especially in relation to African traditions. I hope this video inspires more empathy and understanding in people,” she concludes.

The “Aceita” music video is produced by GINGA Pictures, which has previously collaborated with Anitta on music videos such as “Funk Rave,” “Grip,” and the video-performance “Funk Generation – A Baile Funk Experience.” The stylist responsible for the fashion here is Daniel Ueda, who also styled her in “Girl From Rio” and for her performance at the 2024 VMAs.

The bilingual track is written by Anitta, along with collaborators such as Brazilian DJ Gabriel do Borel and Marcio Arantes (Latin Grammy winner). American artist Diplo joined them both in the lyrics and arrangements, adding an international flair to the musical fusion.

Watch Anitta’s new music video below:

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