Did Cardi B Just Allude to Truce Between Her and Tasha K?

By greatbritton

Despite the legal battle between Cardi B. and YouTuber Tasha K being somewhat over, the longstanding feud between them is still ongoing.

Or, at least, that seemed to be the case until recently when the “Bongos” rapper alluded to potentially reconciling with who fans believe to be Tasha during an X/Twitter Spaces session on Wednesday. Why do fans think it’s the YouTuber? Well, amid Cardi’s troubling tweet last week where she alluded to suicial ideation’s after dealing with a troll on social media, Tasha hopped in her DMs—not to add more salt on her wound, but to offer solace:

“This is what I said to her and I will say this to the winos, please put your sh*t to the side. We got more mass shootings by kids, kids are being influenced by these caricatures online and I know Cardi understands that a lot of the brand was a caricature but who she is, is not that. That’s not the woman that parents her children.

That’s not the woman that parents her children. “You can tell a lot about a person by how they parent they kids. I asked her, and I sent her those messages and it was three…And I said, I started that platform to keep people out of depression and I misused it a lot.”

Tasha however, didn’t specify whether or not she heard back from the Invasion of Privacy rapper.

Fast forward to this week and while she never named Tasha specifically in her X/Twitter talk on Wednesday, Cardi is now referencing a big decision she’s thinking about making that she knows her friends, husband and fans would not approve of. She also said that to get clarity on whether or not she should move forward—she would talk to her mom.

“My friends they always tell me this, they say that I am the toughest, weakest, bitch. But, my heart is very big and I’m not gonna make decisions right away about things,” she said in audio footage posted by Neighborhood Talk. “Im not gonna make decisions right away because I got burnt so many times in my life. I don’t wanna talk to my friends because my friends are looking at me like bitch don’t you fucking ever. I’m not gonna talk to my husband because my husband is calling me a pussy. And, I’m not gonna talk to my fans because I know that y’all don’t play about me. But, I’m going to talk to my mom tomorrow.”

Cardi went on to share that the reason she’s having the talk with her mom is because it doesn’t make her happy to see someone who is clearly going through tough things and they have no one to talk to. She added that she would also talk to her lawyers in addition to her mom because she doesn’t want to make “the wrong decision.”

“I just want to talk to my mom tomorrow and I’ma talk to my lawyers but, stop hurting people. Take a breather. Think,” she said in part.

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