Did Police Find Who Leaked Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Team Nudes? –

By greatbritton

Earlier this month, multiple explicit images and videos of the University of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team got leaked on social media.

After weeks of investigating the biggest college scandal this month, the public has some answers. The photos and images came from one of the volleyball players’ phones, according to police.

The University of Wisconsin Police Department is investigating if her phone got hacked. As of right now, the player is not suspect and doesn’t know how the explicit images and video got released to the public.

It’s illegal to share explicit photos without consent, which means whoever leaked the nude snapshots would’ve needed permission from all the players on the volleyball team to share the images, according to Wisconsin law. The person who leaked these photos will most likely face serious jail time and face over multiple charges.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaks occurred after they won the national championship in 2021. From the leaked images and video, you can see players celebrating their big moment by flashing the cameras.

With everything that’s transpiring, the University of Wisconsin volleyball team remains focused on their ultimate goal season. They are currently ranked 5th in the nation with a 17-3 record.

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