Dr. Dre Reveals He Almost Lost His Life Following A Brain Aneurysm Last Year

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This week, legendary producer Dr. Dre revealed that he suffered a brain aneurysm in 2021 that almost took his life. According to XXL Mag, Dre is a featured guest on an upcoming episode of Dolvett Quincy’s “Workout the Doubt” podcast. The host recently released a snippet of the audio interview.

“I’m at Cedar Sinai Hospital and they weren’t allowing anybody to come up, meaning visitors or family or anything like that because of COVID,” the producer shared. “But they allowed my family to come in. I found out later, they called them up so they could say their last goodbyes because they thought I was out of here.”

“I didn’t know it was that serious,” he continued. “I’m seeing my mom and my sister and everybody coming in the room. Nobody told me. I had no idea. That was crazy. So, I’m in the ICU for two weeks. Because of what was going on with my brain, they had to wake me up every hour on the hour for two weeks to do these tests. Basically looking like sobriety tests. Touch your nose, rub your heel on your calf and all that shit. So every hour for two weeks I had to wake up and do that.”

In the past year, Dre has made headlines for the very public divorce he was facing. He was unfortunately hospitalized during the same time he was managing court proceedings with his ex wife. But “The Chronic” producer was determined not to let either setback be anything other than a setup for his future successes. Soon after his hospital release, Dre was right back in the studio working on what some believe to be his long-awaited “Detox” album.

As the story of his suffering made its way online, fans expressed their gratitude that Dre lives on.

“It’s insane to think we almost lost Dre,” hip hop news site Diverse Mentality captioned a recent post about the news. “Thankfully we didn’t. In this interview, Dre also reflects on being in the third, perhaps even final chapter of his life and being excited about some of his upcoming projects.

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