Draymond Green Publicly Apologizes for Punching Jordan Poole

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After video footage of Golden State Warriors Draymond Green engaging in a physical altercation with Jordan Poole during practice, Green is seemingly regretful. During the Golden State Warriors’ media availability on Saturday, the player delivered a public apology for punching his teammate in the face.

“I was wrong for my actions that took place on Wednesday. For that, I have apologized to my team. I have apologized to Jordan.”

According to Yahoo Sports, news first broke about the beef on October 5th, and over the next few days we learned that Green and Jordan had apparently been squabbling since training camp began. And while there were rumors initially that the problem could have potentially been Poole’s contracted extension, but Green denied this outright, stating that the altercation had “absolutely nothing to do” with contract extensions: “I can assure you I don’t count other people’s pockets.”

While he did not specifically mention what led up to the incident, Green did share that he’d been dealing with some personal matters off of the court, but didn’t make excuses for his behavior.

“When you are doing something when you step on the court, that doesn’t go away. As a leader of this team, I need to have a better feel for myself.”

Earlier in the week, Green apologized to his teammates, all of whom say they accept his apology. He’s unsure about Poole however, and says he wants to provide him his space.

“I think my apology was accepted pretty well from the team, at least that’s what I was told. As far as how it was accepted from Jordan, I’m not sure how it was accepted.”

As far as what’s next, Green will continue to take time away from the team to allow both himself and his teammates time to heal. It’s uncertain whether he’ll play in the season opener.

During the talk, Green did insist on making one thing clear: his love and support for Poole has not changed.

“I love Jordan Poole. That’s my guy. I will still ride for Jordan, still advocate for Jordan and do anything I can to make Jordan’s job easy.”

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