Georgia woman released on parole after receiving life sentence for murder she didn’t commit

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An Georgia woman was sentenced to life in prison for a murder she didn’t commit is now currently out on parole. After years of fighting and  a new unit at the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office that reviews the integrity of past convictions according to Alive 11.

Michelle Morrison’s family has always believed she would be released.

Her family never believed she shouldn’t be punished for her role in an 2007 armed robbery in Fulton County. However, they thought she should have a second chance.

“At first, it was just unbearable,” Cynthia Holland, Morrison’s daughter said.

Morrison drove the getaway car for an armed robbery that turned into a shootout which one person died.

Morrison has been in prison since 2009 although she never went inside the home where the murder happened, she was sentenced to life.

However, earlier this week she walked out of jail.

“It feels great, it feels amazing,” Morrison said. “Words can’t even explain how I feel. I’m just grateful. I made it through, came out strong and I am ready to hit the world.”

Morrison was initially offered five years for attempted armed robbery as part of a plea deal. However, her current attorney said she didn’t understand the offer and went to trial where she was convicted of felony murder.

“To have that conviction overturned, it’s huge, that’s Georgia History,” Attorney Janis Mann said.

Cynthia Holland, Morrison’s mom advocated for years at the Georgia State Capitol for the creation of the unit and for her daughter’s release.

“The fight has kept me alive, I turned my pain into passion and my passion into purpose,” she said.


“I learned to love me. And to know my value and self-worth, to make better choices. I think I am phenomenal now, nothing can stop me now,” she added.


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