Kicking It One on One with Award-Winning Actor Antwayn Hopper of the Hit Broadway Musical ‘A Strange Loop’ — NOIR ONLINE

By greatbritton

Before ‘ A Strange Loop’ and winning the 2020 Obie Award, humble beginnings started in Topeka, Kansas. Growing up in a military household, Hopper picked up a love for the creative arts and performing. He even credits his father for encouraging his artistic demeanor and liking the “discipline aspect,” which his father would end up being his coach.

 “So, my dad actually became, like, kinda like my coach. He would come to shows– ayy son, that leg, that leg, you know he doesn’t know what he is saying, but he knows it will get to me,” says Hopper. 

He continues, “Yes, I had a very solid foundation, and thank god for my parents, especially my mom.”

After graduating from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Hopper set sights on NYC, where he would pursue his love for performing professionally. 

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