Kim Kardashian Reportedly Sticking To Her Boundaries And Not Getting Involved In Kanye’s Recent Mental Health Disputes; Only Communicating Through Assistant!

By greatbritton

Cousins! It appears that Kim Kardashian is officially at the end of her road with Kanye West as trending reports confirm that she refuses to step in and assist with his current spiraling mental health occurrences!

According to TMZ, despite their separation Kim has always assisted Ye with complications he was facing with his mental health in the last couple of years. It has been said that even throughout the social media rants directed at the Kardashian/Jenner family by Kanye, she still helped him out. However as of recently Kim has respectfully declined.

Sources close to Kim tell the outlet that she has completely removed herself from him and hasn’t spoken with the father of their four children in weeks. There’s been no indication of what may have been the very last straw for Kim but it was stated earlier this week that she’s been forced to hire extra security for their children after he name dropped their school on Instagram.

Both Kim and Kanye were spotted at their eldest daughter North West basketball game last week. They both arrived separately and didn’t sit next to one another. It has been stated that Kim never made eye contact with him and also had her vehicle moved in the parking lot area to avoid speaking to him. Kanye wore a ‘white lives matter’ shirt that day as well.

Sources close to the Chicago native share that wish was still in the picture to help step in and stop him for his current and ongoing actions. But it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon or at all.

Though Kim hasn’t publicly expressed falling back from Ye, she definitely had an interesting song choice this morning as the new broke.

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