Michigan Mother Looking For Answers After Firefighters Keep They Job After Lying about Searching for Her Sons Who Died In Fire

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A Michigan family is mourning two brothers who passed away in a house fire on Memorial Day weekend according to ABC 12. Flint Fire Chief Raymond Barton found that Sgt. Daniel Sniegocki and Michael Zlotek put out false reports about what happened.

9-year-old Lamar and 12-year-old Zyaire Mitchell passed away last week from their injuries they sustained in the fire. The boys were in an upstairs bedroom at a Flint home.

Firefighters got the boys out of the home and taken to an local hospital, where they later passed away. Fire investigators identified the source of the fire as faulty wiring in the living room of the home. According to reports it says that the home didn’t have smoke alarms.

The boys’ mother is now looking for answers what happen, Crystal Cooper, took her questions to Flint City Council on Oct. 19. Cooper says she wants the firefighters who neglected to search for her sons to face charges. Although they were later carried out of the home by two Black firefighters. Both boys passed away days later after being airlifted to Detroit Children’s Hospital.

“They committed a crime. For them to say they searched the house and they really didn’t search the house. For them to be suspended with pay, they (weren’t) dealt with properly,” Cooper told the city council.

Zyaire and Lamar were the only occupants in the home when the fire started on May 28.

Sniegocki and Zlotek were the first to respond to the fire and called off other rescue efforts after performing an initial check of the home. The pair wrote in their reports that they entered the doorway of the bedroom where the children were found and used a thermal imaging camera to scan the room, and the “results were negative.”

However, the firefighter whose team found the boys after moving an air conditioning vent told the chief that “there was no way” Sniegocki and Zlotek “entered the bedroom where the victims were found and missed them.” The first boy was found “to the immediate left of the entrance” of the room and the other was on the bed.

Barton wrote in the department’s final investigative report that Sniegocki and Zlotek “knowingly made false reports in their Incident Write-ups. Their actions or inactions arise to Disobedience according to FFD Rules and Regulations, and as such, their actions have impeded, injured, and hindered the progress, welfare, efficiency, and good name of the department.”

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