Ne-Yo’s Ex Calls Him ‘Diddy Jr,’ Later Apologizes

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In news that can only be described as “I’m sorry, what?”—singer Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children Sade Bagnerise is spewing some shocking allegations about the “Sexy Love” singer.

In an Instagram live video posted on Thursday, Bagnerise and the singer can be seen and heard getting in a heated argument over him not being as present in the home for their kids as she’d like and his alleged conduct when he is home with the children.

Bagnerise accused the “Do You” singer of having “weed, alcohol, mushrooms” and prostitutes inside their home while their children were there and of alleged physical abuse. But the most egregious claim of all came when she accused him of throwing his own sexual “freak-offs” akin to the alleged ones thrown by Diddy.

“Tell them about the freak-off, Diddy Jr.,” she said in one clip per video captured by LiveBites. “You know what you did. You body-slammed me on the floor. Tell them the real you and why we’re here today?”

In the midst of this, Bagnerise also claimed that the singer threatened to call the police to remove her but it’s unclear from the video if she was actually removed.

However, less than a day later, Bagnerise took to her personal Instagram to issue an apology to her followers and others for “putting y’all in our business” and to the “Closer” singer for “how I communicated my frustration.”

“So I’m drinking my boba tea talking to my Dad on the phone, self-reflecting. & I’d like to apologize for putting yall in our business,” she wrote in a since-expired Instagram story post.

She continued:

“Emotions were heightened, and I want the best him to show up. But i understand you can’t make ppl feel you. I have good faith everything will come together. Full moon was out, cycle on, postpartum built with frustration and a lot underlining issues that we needed to be addressed. Trying to do that with the problem present made heightened emotions. I’m human. I hurt too. & i want the best for everyone. That’s all I was fussing for. Nothing more. A some understanding. I wouldn’t be fussing if I didn’t think he was capable of being the best. I show up different. Sorry for how I communicated my frustration with you @neyo, sincerely. Let’s do better.

This drama comes amid the release of the “Let Me Love You” singer’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert on Friday and one week after he revealed he was in a polyamorous relationship with two women.

After being spotted with his two girlfriends out in public by TMZ, Ne-Yo told the outlet: “I feel like in the realm of love and romance, you should let people do whatever the hell they want to do. Can’t see how it’s hurting anybody.”

When asked if he thought it should become legalized, he added, ““To be honest, I don’t need the government to tell me what it is I can and can’t do in my personal life.”

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