Nurse Facing Backlash After Video Shows Her Harassing Black Pregnant Woman Asking For Doctor’s Note

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A white nurse in Philadelphia faces backlash for a video that shows her harassing an pregnant woman who was seeking a doctor’s note for the pain she’s experiencing during her pregnancy. The video was posted on TikTok user @goddess_jay_ explains one woman’s experience at the Philly Pregnancy Center with a nurse who refused to give her the doctor’s note she was asking for.

“I needed a doctor’s note, I needed to take off work, I’m in a lot of pain,” the pregnant woman, Jillian explained. She says after the nurse performed a cervical exam that was “very aggressive…very painful” the nurse told Jillian she couldn’t give her a doctor’s note because she alleged Jillian could work. This is when the video began and shows the nurse questioning her.

“What were you thinking about when you got pregnant, that you weren’t going to work?” Nurse Snidely asks the pregnant mother.

“Do you know how I feel?” Jillian asked the nurse.

“Yes, I want to know your mindset. When you got pregnant what were you thinking about? I’m confused… you came in here, and I did an assessment. I gave you my best medical advice, and you didn’t like that,” the nurse said.

The nurse alleged the request for a doctor’s note was fraud saying, “We have to have a reason,” to provide the expectant mother with the note.

“How do you know how my body feels inside?” Jillian asked. “How do you know how my nausea feels? How do you know how my cramps feel?”

After getting physical with the patient, the nurse called the police.

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