Police officer fired after shooting San Antonio teen in McDonald’s parking lot

By greatbritton

Brennand, with seven months on the force, was at a McDonald for an unrelated call when he believed he recognized a car in the parking lot that allegedly evaded him during a pursuit the night before, according to MySA.

Brennand claimed in an incident report that he fired at the vehicle after he was struck by the driver who was trying to evade arrest. However, body cam footage released by SAPD on Wednesday appears to contradict those claims. The video shows the rookie officer approaches the car and opens the driver’s side door, where he finds a teenager eating. Brennand orders the teen out of the car . The teen then puts his hands on the steering wheel and responds to the officer’s request by asking, “Why?”

The teen driver, whose identity hasn’t been released, backs the car up and drives off while the officer shoots fives times. Brennand then radios “shots fired” before shooting at the car another five times. The car and its driver were later found down the street, and the victim was taken to University Hospital in critical condition.

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