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My name is Scott Johnson and I am a high school teacher, Last May I organized a DJ & Turntable workshop for students in my Media Arts courses. What I expected was a fun and unique way for my students to explore the origins of music that we know today as Hip Hop, House, Breakbeat, Rap, EDM, etc. It was a blast! The students had a great time!
Something else happened too…
The students who usually struggled in class were the most engaged! They became the leaders of the room! As I watched, their CONFIDENCE GREW, they were PROUD OF THEIR WORK!

I want to provide a space for these students to THRIVE. Through the art of the DJ and Turntablism, I want to provide a fun and dynamic environment for these students while at the same time keeping them busy when they're not in school.
We've got the curriculum, amazingly talented instructors, and a great downtown location. What we need now is the equipment. With your donation, we will be able to provide turntables, mixers, controllers, and headphones for our students.
Help us EMPOWER our city's youth. Help us put the music back in their hands.

What is DJ and a Light Show?

DJ and a Light Show is a patented cloud based media platform for music and video. It’s a music storage library with customizable virtual personal music players. It’s a video storage library with customizable video players. It’s also a community of Artists, Bands, DJ’s and Musicians with profiles promoting their music, live shows and events. is a virtual recorder and playback system that brings the broadcast element to the consumer. It’s a one-stop shop for all things music.

Who created it?

The system was first developed in the early 2000’s by a musician, technician and inventor that needed one place to store all his music being on multiple formats. His insight and genius is brilliant, designing a system ahead of its time and keeping the system browser based, simple to use with easy indexing access and many other features to boot. The founder is no stranger to inventions as he holds multiple patents, trademarks and copyrights for software and hardware devices. Back in the day he designed and built guitar pedals and amplifiers for himself and other musicians. He also designed and built PA systems for many Chicago clubs along with professional recording studios based in Chicago and the suburbs. 1988 he designed and built DOS application software, which is still in use today.

Why should we use it?

DJ and a Light Show is the only platform for all things music. It’s for anyone that is into music whether you just like to listen or you’re a creator. It’s a community of music Listeners, Creators, Bands, Artists, DJ’s and Musicians that are passionate about music. It’s the only portal bringing them all together in one place.

How much does it cost?

Basic featured plans starts at $10.00 per month.

Where can we get it?

Right here on Indiegogo! Pre-order your plan today to be one of the first to use Join our community and help us with the finishing touches and features. All suggestions are welcome as we would like to hear your comments.

What do we get when we order?

When you order on Indiegogo you will become the first users of when we launch to the public in September 2017.
Also, depending on the perk package you select, you will receive exclusive one of a kind merchandise that will only be available at launch.

Why are you crowdfunding?

We love crowdfunding! For us, it's a perfect solution to ensure we can progress to the next stage of programming, bringing DJ and a Light Show to the public. Music is our passion and people are the creators.


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