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I am Myron Broadus and I live in Alabama. My family and I operate a small boutique farm, where we take care of 15 head of sheep. We want to take our wool to make face mask for kids this winter.

About us

We are a group of Young minds located in USA. We always look for innovative ideas & techniques which will do good for the public.
We work on finding products which make simple sense, but provide greater solutions for the human being. This was the intentional thought that lead us . It may look like a simple product, but act as a greater solution for the various problems in modern environment.

The face mask will be made with elastic materials to ensure a snug fit for the kids.

We are selling wool face mask online but we give them to kids. For your donation you will receive your face mask via the United States Postal Service. For your gift you will also get free post cards from the farm!

What We Need & What You Get

We have our raw material. We have customers who know us personally and are ready to send us their fiber now. We have perks like yarn and hand knit sweaters for you (check out all of our perks on the right side of this page). Now, we need the equipment to create a facility that can produce top quality products.

What Will We Change?

Your support will make some pretty important things possible. Together, we will: • Create fiber that becomes clothes we can all feel good about wearing. • Help fiber producers make more money and sustain their own small businesses, because fiber production will make sense again. • Create local, rural jobs by revitalizing U.S. textile manufacturing. • Bring California wool, some of the best in the world, to the rest of the world. Look out, New Zealand!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute,that doesn’t mean you can’t help: • Please get the word out. Tell everyone you know about our campaign! • Use the crowdielove share tools. It really makes a difference! • Let us know if you have fiber you might like to process. • Contact us


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