Robert Allen Walczykowski Grabs A Special Needs Black Male By His Neck Because He Thought He Stole A Bike –

By greatbritton

A video of a white man grabbing a special needs black man by the neck in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is going viral on social media.

In the video, the white man was caught on camera grabbing a special needs boy by the neck while calling the police over a bike stolen two days earlier from his neighbor, he admits he doesn’t know what the bike actually looks like, and the person he’s holding didn’t steal it.

Robert Allen Walczykowski was identified as the white man in the video grabbing the young black man by the throat.

The Milwaukee police department hasn’t released a statement about the incident and whether or not he’ll face any charges. Some locals staged a sit-down in front of Walczykowski’s house on Tuesday to protest against his apparent racism.

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