Supreme Court Denies Dylann Roof’s Appeal; Set To Remain On Death Row Following The Murder Of 9 Black South Carolina Churchgoers!

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Cousins! Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled in directly denying mass murderer Dylann Roof ‘s appeal surrounding his mental health!

Incase you are unfamiliar, Dylann opened fire within a South Carolina church back in 2015 that claimed the lives of 9 people. It has been stated that the then 21 year old committed the inhumane act as members of Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were in the midst of prayer for bible study. Dylann is said to have intentionally shot into the crowd and had targeted the church due to its history.

Prior to his appeal Dylann had fired his legal team and demanded that any evidence of his mental health be tossed from his trial, reports Fox News. However at this present time Dylann alongside his new legal team argue that he was wrongfully allowed to represent himself and that he created an error in preventing jurors from hearing evidence about his mental health.

“…under the delusion,” Dylann’s legal team states “he would be rescued from prison by White-nationalists — but only, bizarrely, if he kept his mental-impairments out of the public record.”

In 2016 Dylann was convicted upon 33 counts of federal hate crimes and murder charges. He was also issued separate legal charges for nine counts of murder. In April 2017 he is said to have pleaded guilty to all 9 counts of murder in an attempt to avoid a second death sentence. He was then sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Dylan was also granted automatic appeals for his sentence, however it was declared that he garnered the possibility of being executed by the federal justice system.

Sources confirm that back in 2017 Dylann was named the very first person in the United States to be sentenced to death for a federal hate crime. In 2021 a federal appeals court continued to upheld his previous conviction in stating that they cannot legally begin to capture the “full horror” of his actions.

Dylann is set to remain under maximum security at Terre Haute prison located in Indiana. He is currently on death row where he shall remain until execution.

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