Tabitha Brown’s New Show Gets Pulled From Primetime Spot

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There’s trouble in paradise for our favorite vegan TikToker Tabitha Brown and The Food Network. According to The Daily News, a decision was abruptly made to move her upcoming series, “It’s CompliPlated,” from a primetime slot to weekday afternoons.

While the network remains quiet, Tabitha has taken to her social platforms to talk her talk.

“I know I’ve said this so many times before but for whatever reason, people just don’t seem to believe me, okay?” she began. “There is not a company, there is not a network, there is not a person, place or thing that is going to change who I am.”

Brown didn’t mention anyone specifically, but blasted those who have been critical of her southern charm and afrocentric style.

“If you don’t like my personality, if you don’t like everything that makes Tab Tab, don’t work with me,” she said. “Because I’m not going to change. I’m not going to shift a little bit for your audience. I’m not going to talk a little bit different for your comfort.”

She continued by saying: “This is the person I am. This is who God created me to be and if it ain’t enough for you, then you’re not for me and if I bring it to your attention that, ’Wait, I don’t like how this feels, I feel like you’re trying to change me or erase my personality or my culture’ and you get upset by that instead of hearing me from my heart, I also don’t want to be in business with you.

“Does that makes sense? It ain’t personal for you but it’s personal for me and it’s business. Okay?”

She closed out the video post by confirming the time switch and encouraging her followers to stream the series on Discovery Plus.

“I’m still not going to change and I’m gonna always speak my mind and my truth.”

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