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( 📸: Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Center)

Cousins! A group of TSA agents are currently under investigation following complaints of continuous theft at a local airport where travelers have noted that their cash has gone missing from their belongings.

TSA employees Josue Gonzalez, 20, and Labarrius Williams, 30 of Checkpoint E at Miami International Airport were caught on surveillance footage back in June going through travelers’ bags as they awaited on the other side of the scan machine.

According to the NY Post the duo was arrested back in July as officials began investigating due to numerous complaints of theft occurring at that specific checkpoint.

Investigators have recently released footage of the moment the two TSA officers stole cash from the unexpected travelers’ belongings.

Released video clips show Josue and Labarrius within the baggage drop-off section in the checkpoint area as they worked together to steal cash from different handbags and wallets. The two men can be seen swiftly removing items and then placing them back in the bin on the conveyor belt as they placed stolen items in their pockets.

A video shows Josue at one point going through a Louis Vuitton bag and leaving the removed item until he was able to take it when it moved further up on the line.

Investigators state that the pair would begin to steal as travelers were busy being screened or simply not paying attention.

The two officers alongside their co-worker Elizabeth Fuster, 22 have all been arrested for their organized scheme.

Both Josue and Elizabeth have confessed to stealing from numerous customers. They admitted to stealing over a thousand of dollars a day while working together.

Elizabeth’s charges have been dropped since August while Josue and Labarrius have pleaded not guilty to the third degree felony grand theft charges they are currently up against.

Josue has entered a deferred prosecution program where his charges could be dropped depending on his completion. Reports read that he will have to pay $700 to the identified victims and compete 25 hours of community service. He will also have to give up his airport credentials.

Labarrous was denied entry into the program is set to take his case to trial in October.

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