Twin Brothers Make History as First Officer Pilots For Alaska Airlines

By greatbritton

Twin brothers Alex and Alan were recently hired as first officer pilots for Alaska Airlines in the U.S. The twins are originally from Kenya are making history as the first set of identical twin pilots at the airline.

Alex was previously working at Alaska Airlines before Alan, who previously worked at a regional airline decided to join the same company his brother works for. Since a early age, Alex and Alan have been interested in aviation. Their dad used to take the twins plane-spotting each Sunday after church while their mom would bring them with her on her business trip flights.

Once the twins moved from Kenya to California at 13-years-old their interest of flying grew even more. Their mother would support the twins passion by giving them a Microsoft Flight Simulator.

“After I started playing with the program, that was it. I knew I wanted to do that [fly] for a job,” Alan told Alaska Air News.

Alan will now be based in San Francisco and Alex will fly out of Los Angeles. They are hoping they could someday fly the same aircraft together professionally.

“The goal is to have one of us upgrade to captain and be operating the same aircraft so we can fly together,” Alex said.

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