Valerie Bragg Talks ‘LOVE ISLAND USA’ Season 4 and Chase Stokes Drama on The Wayne Ayers Podcast –

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Peacock reveals bombshell Valerie Bragg as the first Islander dumped from the villa earlier this week on ‘Love Island USA’ season 4.
The Costa Rican native recently graced The Wayne Ayers Podcast after getting dumped from the villa. She speaks about her time in Santa Barbara and revealed one of the girls on the show was rude to her for no apparent reason.

Many of the fans speculated that the woman she was referring to was Courtney and Deb but it turns out it’s neither of them. Bragg revealed on the podcast that it wasn’t those two girls. Since Bragg was friends with Sydney and Mady, this leaves only Zeta and Serenti, which people now suspect it’s Serenti due to the process of elimination. She did reveal that there was an argument between the anonymous girl but the producers didn’t want to run the footage for the show.

Bragg also believes that only 20% of the men on the show are looking for love while the others are looking to cash in $100,000 or to sleep with the girls in the villa.

Before Valerie Bragg entered the villa she was in some controversy last year over a make-out session she had with “Outer Banks” star Chase Stokes. She spoke about the hate she was receiving from “Outer Banks” fans because they believed that she was the reason that Chase and his co-star Madelyn Cline broke up but Bragg claims it was just a drunken kiss at a bar.

The “Love Island USA” star revealed she still receives hateful messages to this day and hasn’t spoken to the ‘Outer Banks’ Star since that night. Bragg admitted that she had never dated Chase and that her goal for being on “Love Island” was to meet the ideal mate.
Bragg ended the podcast by revealing she might create a podcast to spread awareness of mental health and other important issues.

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