Video shows Black man saving elderly Asian man from carjacking attempt

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An activist group Black and Asian Souls Unite posted a video on Instagram showing the aftermath of the purported carjacking according to NextShark.

In the video a Black man who has been identified, can be seen pointing what seems to be a handgun at the alleged carjacker, which seemingly forced him away from the victim. The video also shows the man throwing back what is presumably the Asian man’s car keys.

“Get the f*ck off my street!” the good Samaritan says before letting go a warning shot. “You come around here bullying people on my f*cking street, n*gga?”

The man continues to keep the alleged perp at bay by pushing him on the back multiple times until they reach a safe distance.

Background voices are heard in the video as the scene unfolds. One of them which seems to be the Asian man yells “thank you” after his rescuer passes on the car keys.

Miracle Mile Zone 7 Rep. Thao Tran, who serves as the chair of Public Safety & Wellbeing Mid City West Neighborhood Council, revealed that the incident happened on April 27.

Tran told NextShark that a Mid-City resident provided footage to a Los Angeles Police Department volunteer.

Once the video was reviewed she said she felt the need to share the video to raise awareness.

“This video was provided by a resident, to one of my fellow LAPD volunteers.” she said. “When I reviewed the video, I felt strongly that it had to be shared.”

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