Video Shows Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Holding Gun to His Head

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A video shows the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department allegedly assaulting a Black man who was said to be working as a security guard. The deputies were seen beating the man, putting a gun to his head and leaving some to protest their use of excessive force. Cerise Castle, a Los Angeles-based investigative journalist posted the video on Twitter on October 1.

Castle details the alleged excessive use of force in a 90-second video. Through her tweets, she attempts to break down the incident that happened between late Saturday night, Oct. 15, and early Sunday morning, Oct. 16. At the center of the footage she released is Blake Anderson, 24, who was wrestled to the ground and beaten by the deputies.

 Anderson, who is believed to have worked as a bouncer at Inglewood’s Good Batch Lounge, reportedly lost his eyesight during the altercation. Castle identifies one of the two officers as Deputy Rodriguez.

She tweeted, “Deputy Rodriguez and his partner pulled up and began beating Blake. He’s since lost vision in his eye. He’s current being charged with assault on a police office for this.”

“Multiple times during this video,” Castile continues, “The deputy puts a gun to Blake’s head. Blake told me he at this point the deputy said to him, ‘I’m going to blow your f—ing brains out.’”

The incident took place during a late-night club “let out,” and bystanders can be heard shouting, “He’s security here,” and to Anderson, “Don’t resist, they’re a gang!”

The woman recording said, “Blake, no. Blake, no. Blake. Don’t resist, Blake. No no no. Do what you gotta do, Blake. Come on,” as one of the deputies reportedly hits him in the head with his fist and slams his head into the ground.

The officers twist his arms behind his back, the individual says, “Please Blake, no. Don’t fight back.”

Anderson is pinned by one deputy to the ground with one knee to his shoulder. While he is detained, the officers handcuff him.

“He did nothing. He was walking with me. He did nothing,” the friend filming comments to the officers. “Blake, do not let them do anything, Blake. Blake, let them take you bro.”

The video was posted and has since been viewed over half a million times. Castille would later post a minute-and-a-half excerpt from a local establishment’s surveillance video. The footage seems to corroborate her story that the officers drove into the parking lot and then hopped out of their police car as he walked back and forth with his lady friend.

LASD released a statement stating the deputies had a reason to detain Anderson, “the suspect, Blake Anderson, was … arrested for the following charges: felon in possession of firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, possession of (loaded) concealed firearm, assault on a peace officer with a firearm.”

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