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The first season of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is finally over, and it went out with a bang.

In the season finale, Rhaenyra tries her best to remain at peace in the seven kingdoms even when The Greens stole her birthright from her.

At the end of the episode, viewers become aware that the civil war ‘Dance of the Dragons’ has begun with Prince Aemond and Vhagar killing Prince Lucerys ‘Luke’ Velaryon and Arrax in the final minutes of the season finale.

The brutal death of Luke and Arrax happened because he flew to Storms End to get the support of Lord Borros Baratheon for his mother’s title. Upon his arrival, he runs into Prince Aemond, out of all people. Earlier in the season, we saw Luke take Aemond’s eye, which will always be bad blood between the two. It got so bad that Aemond tried to take one of Luke’s eyes in front of Lord Borros Baratheon.

Prince Luke and Arrax fled Storms Ends, but Prince Aemond and Vhagar followed them and started to toy with them. Things got real when Arrax attacked Vhagar to protect Prince Luke. Vhagar became pissed and uncontrollable, which resulted in the brutal death of Prince Luke and Arrax.

Watch Prince Luke and Arrax die here.

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