“White Power Zone” Graffiti at Ohio State University Sparks Investigation

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Racist incidents at universities are starting to become a sort of chain reaction. Not even two weeks ago a Black student was racially attacked. Now, at Ohio State University, racist phrases and antisemitic hate symbols were found plastered on the walls of an engineering building, per a report from NBC 4 News.

According to the campus police report, a swastika and pro-Nazi images were on the walls of the basement level in Hitchcock Hall. “White Power Zone” and “Whites Only” were spray-painted in red. On another floor landing was written an anti-Black slur. All of this hateful graffiti was done in areas without surveillance cameras, the report says.

Police suspect the images were put up between Nov. 9 and Nov. 12. The graffiti has since been taken down and an investigation has been opened.

More on the case from NBC 4i News:

In a university-wide statement Tuesday, Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson condemned the incident and all antisemitism and racism, on campus and nationwide.

“There is no room for hate in our home,” Johnson said. “The university is where we work and live — and we will not tolerate violations of the values, principles and behaviors that constitute the Shared Values we agree to uphold when we become part of Ohio State.”

It seems most schools respond to incidents like this declaring their campus has “no room” for racism. Yet, there was enough room for a student to not only vandalize school property but paint hateful obscenities. From my own experience, racism among students doesn’t begin with grand displays like this. Sometimes, it’s much more silent.

Police say no arrests have been made. Students were also encouraged to report any hate activity or discrimination, per Cleveland.com. The Undergraduate Student Government is working with the school to truly rid the campus of the racist hate.

“Training on racist thoughts but also on antisemitism to ensure that students are working with the university to ensure that we have a united front against racism and hatred,” said organization president Andrew Pierce II to WBNS. “You know what does it truly mean to be a loving neighbor? And the fact that we’re still having to have these conversations shows that we’re not there yet but I’m ready to have the conversation.”

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