White Supremacist Caught in a Lie Trying to Escape Hate Crime Charge

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An Oregon man who was a member of a white supremacist group pleaded guilty to a 2018 federal hate crime, according to the Department of Justice. He lied to FBI agents about the motive behind his assault of a Black man. Now, he faces charges for the incident and making a false statement.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, Randy Smith, 42, was visiting Oregon to attend a meeting hosted by Crew 38, a supporter of white national group Hammerskin Nation. Smith gathered with the others to celebrate the life of a violent white supremacist, Robert Jay Mathews, and following the event they took their shenanigans to a bar in Lynnwood. Per Smith’s plea agreement, the group repeatedly shared Nazi salutes and became unruly in the establishment.

A Black man, named T.S. in court documents, tried to shoo them away from his DJ equipment. That’s when things escalated.

Read more on the incident from OPB:

“Numerous members of the Crew 38/Hammerskin group, including Smith, then surrounded T.S. and began yelling racial slurs at T.S., including the racially derogatory ‘N’ word,” according to the plea agreement. “Smith knew that members of Crew 38 and the Hammerskins consider it disrespectful for a black [sic] man to touch a white man without permission, and for a black man to challenge conduct or acts by white men.”

T.S. cursed the group. Then, Dorson, punched T.S. DeSimas also called T.S. a racial slur before he too struck T.S. knocking him to the ground, court records state. “Dorson continued kicking and stomping on T.S.,” according to Dorson’s plea agreement.

“Smith joined in the assault, and he repeatedly punched T.S. as T.S. was on the floor,” Smith’s plea agreement states. “Other members of the group also punched, kicked and/or stomped on T.S. with their boots” – all while the group continued to yell racial slurs.

Dorson’s plea agreement states he “knew and understood that the assault of T.S. by himself and others, including Smith, DeSimas, and Stanley, was because of T.S.’s race as a Black man.”

When Smith lied about the incident, he told the FBI he didn’t remember the “motive” behind beating up Mr. T.S. and that he didn’t recall saying any racial slurs, per the DOJ. That was him trying to be clever and escape a federal hate crime charge.

Yet, here we are. Smith is facing 10 years off the hate crime charge alone and an additional five years in prison for making a false statement.

Keep in mind this incident happened in 2018, before the rejuvenated interest in being a bigot out loud following the Capitol riot. How many more white nationalist groups are there? Where are their members? Where do they work? I said it before: the evils of Jim Crow never went away. Now, they’re getting bold again.

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