Whoopi Goldberg Returns To ‘The View’ Rocking A Metal Chain Necklace In Honor Of The Montgomery, Alabama Brawl! – Noir Online Org

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Cousins! Whoopi Goldberg made her official return to ‘The View’ this week following a spell with Covid-19. The 67-year-old was met with a standing ovation from the audience as she appeared all smiles rocking a metal chair on her neck to honor the folks of the viral Montgomery brawl.

Within the September 11th aired episode on Monday, Whoopi began to break down the story of the Montgomery brawl. She explained that a group of white people attacked a Black dock worker named Dameion Pickett and how a series of Black people came to his rescue.

“I have to lead this off by saying we do not condone violence on this show,” said Whoopi.

“But there was a story that happened last month in Montgomery, Alabama, where a riverboat captain [with] 227 passengers was trying to dock his boat in the spot he’s supposed to be in.”

She added, “so the co-captain, who happened to be Black, went to confront this pontoon boat that was in the way. So a fight ensued and something happened that we have not seen.”

Whoopi continued in sending a salute to the group of Black bystanders that chimed into bell Damieon as he was wrongfully attacked.

“Black people came out of nowhere. We dropped out of the sky. It was crazy. … The memes are off the hook. I am wearing a folding chair,”said Whoopi.

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