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The reason for founding The Training Project is simple: I am here to offer an alternative to the culture that big gyms have to offer. The Training Project is here to cater to those of you who are dedicated to the betterment of yourself and realize that there are no shortcuts.

Why The Training Project?

There is a lack of gyms in DC  that offer dedicated people a motivating environment. The average gym is excellent at providing pats on the back and boosts to one's ego. This may be enough for some. The Training Project  will provide something else entirely.

The Training Project offers pain, suffering, and results. There will be hard-working individuals around you at all times, pushing you past what you thought yourself capable of.

Bench pressing 200 kg and having big biceps isn't necessarily what we're after. Big numbers are great, but The Training Project values commitment and the willingness to continuously push yourself farther. As we will be dedicated members only, you won't find people hogging the squat rack to do bicep curls, people taking selfies.

How will The Training Project work?

To become a member of The Training Project, members must pass an evaluation period. This will last three months. Members will be judged on both physical and mental progress, effort, and attitude. After these three months it will be clear if the member is fit to remain in  The Training Project family. This is to ensure that the environment remains productive and that you as a member get your money's worth.

To remain a member after the evaluation period, just keep up the hard work. Simple.

Why donate?

The Training Project will be opening no matter what. The reason I am seeking additional funding is to expand the gym as quickly as possible. In other words, there will be a place for your personal training sessions even before the final goal is achieved.

By donating you are helping more than a training studio. You are helping spread That Damned Gym's ideals and focus on true fitness, not just the appearance of it.


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