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UFC fighter Michael Chandler is facing criticism on social media after comments he made about raising his two adopted black sons sparked controversy. Chandler, who is set to headline UFC 303, shared his thoughts on parenting and identity politics during an appearance on The Shawn Ryan Show.

Chandler, known as ‘Iron’ in the octagon, discussed his approach to raising his two adopted sons with his wife. He emphasized the importance of instilling values of character and integrity, regardless of race. “I’m not raising black children, I’m raising children,” Chandler stated. “Whether you are black or you are white, there are certain things about being a man and being a good man when it comes to character and integrity.”

His comments on transcending race and focusing on universal values drew criticism from some quarters of social media. Many users took issue with Chandler’s remarks, arguing that his perspective overlooked the unique challenges black children face in society.

On Twitter, reactions ranged from accusations of racial insensitivity to calls for Chandler to educate himself on the realities of raising black children. Some users argued that dismissing the significance of race in parenting overlooks the importance of cultural identity and the systemic inequalities faced by marginalized communities.

One user tweeted, “As a black person, I can tell you that raising black children requires acknowledging their unique experiences and preparing them to navigate a world that often discriminates against them based on their race. Ignoring race isn’t the answer.”

Another user wrote, “Michael Chandler’s comments reveal a lack of understanding of the complexities of raising black children in a society where racial discrimination persists. It’s not enough to just teach values; we must also equip them to confront and challenge systemic injustices.”

Chandler’s comments sparked a larger discussion on racism, parenting, and prominent individuals’ responsibilities when discussing sensitive matters. While some have praised Chandler’s objectives, others have advocated for a more nuanced approach to recognizing and confronting the reality of racial identity in parenting.

Michael Chandler has yet to reply publicly to the criticism, which is spreading on social media. However, his statements have sparked debate about recognizing and accepting variety in all aspects of life, including family upbringing.

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